Academic Calendar of 2016/17


FOR THE YEAR 2016- 2017 (2009 E.C.)

July 11-29 Eng. Crash courses (diploma &degree candidates)
 July 29 Friday English & oral Exam for the candidates






Diploma II, Degree II, III candidates Exam

1st Sem Syllabus submitted to Registrar

                                                    BLOCK A
August 29 Monday Registration (Degree, Diploma, night)
August 30 Tuesday Degree & Diploma Classes begin
September 1 Thursday Convocation/Orientation
September 11 Sunday Ethiopian New Year






Eid Al Adhha

2nd year BS Exams

September 27 Tuesday Meskel Holiday
October 04 Tuesday Prayer Day SW
October 24-28 Mon-Friday Block A Exams
October 31 Mon Block Break
                                                         BLOCK B
November 1 Tuesday Block B classes begin
November 09 Wednesday Prayer day
December 01 Thursday Mawlid
December 26-30 Mon- Fri Block B Exams
January  2-20 Christmas Break
January 7 Saturday Ethiopian Christmas
January 10-13 Tuesday-Friday Short courses
January 19 Thursday Ethiopian Epiphany
January 20 Friday 1st sem grade report submitted to registrar


January 23 Monday Registration
January 24 Tuesday Block C classes begin
January 23 Wednesday 2nd Sem Syllabus submitted to the registrar
January 30 – Feb 3 Monday-Friday Special Training for graduating classes
February 21 Tuesday Prayer Day
March 2 Thursday Victory of Adwa
March 20-24 Mon-Friday Block C Exams
March 27 Monday Block D Break
                                                      BLOCK D






Block D classes begin

Mount. Trip for prayer

April 10-21   Easter Break
April 14 Friday Ethiopian Good Friday






Ethiopian Easter

 Class resumes

May 1 Monday May Day
May 5 Friday Ethiopian Patriots victory day
May 20 Saturday TEC MD community day
May 28 Sunday Downfall of the Dergue
June 5-9 Monday -Friday Block D Exams




Tuesday-Friday Family training of graduates and Mission courses for Degree II and Diploma II
June 14 Wednesday Grade Reports for graduating class due
June 17 Saturday Gradua. for 2nd Yr BS, Diploma III & Degree IV
June 30 Friday 2nd Sem grade report submitted to registrar
  • Bold dates = Holidays or No Classes
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2016-17 School Fees

Tabor Evangelical College 2016-2017 Training programs, criteria and fees

The mission of TEC is to equip ministers for the accomplishment of the Great Commission of the Lord. Last seven years TEC-MD has been training ministers in Missiology at Diploma level. Since Sept. 2012 we have been training students in Theology (speciall focus on missiology) at BTH level. We invite all the churches and organizations who would like to train and send missionaries and future leaders.

Programs for the 2016-17 Academic year

  1. BTH in Missiology (4 years study): We recieve candidates who completed 10+ 3 diploma in any field of study and have GPA of 2.5 or according to the current education policy who completed perparatory school and scored above 265 or according to the previous education policy who completed 12th grade and scored 2.00 and above. The candidates should attend the English language crash course given from July 11 to August 6 and must pass the English enterance exam and interview given on the 5th of August 2016.
  2. The diploma in Missiology program (3 years study): we recieve students who completed 10th grade and have minimum result of 2.0 or those who according to the privious education policy completed grade 12 and scored 1.8 and above. The candidates must pass the English entrance exam and interview given on the 5th of august 2016.
  3. For the Advanced certificate program (in Amharic), TEC receives students who completed 1st year Bible School of the EECMY.The candidates will receive (Bible and Chruch history) enterence Exam on Sept 13/2016.

 The candidates for the Degree and Diploma progaram will pay for the crash course, ETB 75 for registration and ETB 700 as course fee; i.e. total of ETB 775. This will not include the one month food allowance and the transport of the student.

  1. TEC also teaches ministers in Hawassa and its surrounding in evening and weekend degree programs.The crateria for the degree night/weekend program is similar with the BTH program described in no.1 above. The candidates will take an entrance exam prepared for them on August 5/2016. The candidates can also take the English Language crash course given to the candidates of the regular degree and dimploma programs mentioned above paying ETB 575.

TEC Missiology Department Dean  +251973506223/ 0462208879/ 046220177 P.O.Box. 1070 Hawassa Email:,,

አድራሻ፡ ሐዋሳ ከደቡብ ክልል ጤና ቢሮ ወረድ ብሎ በታቦር ተራራ ስር 

Reasons for payment Degree Degree Diploma program 2nd year Bible school Night/ weekend Remark
Tution fee 6000 5500 3700 4500 Some regular students may not pay food allowance to the college if they choose to have provided in other means.

Night or weekend students will pay Birr 150 per credit hour for tution fee

Registration 200 200 200 200
Books and stationary 1800 1500 800 1300
Medical fee 500 500 500 0
Dormitory 1000 1000 1000 0
Total fee 9500 8700 6200 6000
Food allowance 12000 12000 12000   Students whose food allowance is paid collect Birr 1200 for 10 months. Other payments like transportation are not included; sending bodies can include or pay by themselves
Grand Total 21,500 20,700 18,200  
Graduation Fee 1500 600 600  
Grand Total for Graduating Classes 23,000 21,300 18,800  
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TEC MD’s main works in 2016

Besides the formal teaching and learning activities Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department is active in some practical guided ministry and  extracurricular activities. The following are main activities of the department in 2016:

  1. Prayer day.  There are mountain prayer days four times per a year. TEC MD community usually prays on the mountain in the mornings 8:00-12:00 and in the college’s hall in the afternoons.

    Prayer day of TEC MD

    2. Practical Guided ministry

The department had been sending Diploma II and Degree II students to unreached areas for the last three years after giving a one week training. This is one of TEC MD part of practical guided ministry and right interaction with local congregations and nonbelievers.  Every year students from Diploma II and Degree II have sent to different unreached areas in the southeast, south and south west. S people areas such as Filtu, Jijiga, Areas neighboring to the S people such as South Ethiopia Synod, Wabe Batu Synod – Arsi and Bale areas, South Omo—unreached people group – Hamer, Arbore, Turmi, Omorate, Places where many S related people live as migrants – Dawa Area in South Ethiopia Synod and Galana Abaya parishes.

TEC had started field trip mission work since 2013, 20 volunteer students who had completed first year degree were sent to 10 different sites.  In 2014, 46 students who had completed degree II and Diploma II were sent to 21 different places and in 2015, 43 students who completed degree II and Diploma II were sent to 20 different places. In this year we have planned to send 54 students who have completed degree II and diploma II to the stated areas. We have covered their transport fee, food expense for one month, and other all expense during training in TEC.

Alongside of our students, TEC MD has also train area ministers who are chosen by local congregation or parish or synod in TEC compound. We have covered their transport, food and loading during the stay in TEC for training.

Mission comittee: Mission Work was organized by seven committee  members in TEC MD in 2016.  Godana Gobena and Rev. Temelsen Thomas are from TEC MD instructors), Temesgen Shibiru and Nora Debdal from NLM missionaries and three people are from TEC MD students (Gelo Gololcha from Degree two Dawala from diploma two and Muse Waqayyo from Bible school).

Mission training: As usual TEC MD has prepared mission course for students who are sent to different local congregation. Pastors, evangelists and and degree two and diploma two students have attended the course. The course was given by Mr. Aychiluhim Beyene and Mr. Thomas Burger. Mr. Aychiluhim was teaching actively on the theme of making disciple in very contextual way. Mr. Thomas had also taught the trainee on communicating the gospel in different religious contexts.


TEC MD Mission Course on June 15/2016

Mission training has given for 83 people from area representatives and TEC MD students, the program holds morning devotion, oral teaching, presentations, testimonies, group discussion prayer session.



TEC MD 2016 Mission course trainee on dinner

Mission trip. After effective training all diploma two and degree two students  were started journey to different local congregation. All of them arrived to the target place in peace.

Supervision: Mission committee assigned and TEC staff confirmed that four TEC MD instructors should go to the local congregations for supervision. Mr Getachew has sent to chuluse Amaro while Dagnaw and Zinabu were sent to south Omo and Nechisar respectively. Mr. Galgalo was assigned to supervise students around Moyale and Hirdar.

3. Family Training course

In the same week with mission course (June 14-17/2016), TEC MD graduating class  students with their spouses had been attending Family course. The family course was given by Rev. Geneti Wayesa with his two co-workers from Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Head Office Family Ministry Section.


TEC MD Graduates on family course

TEC MD interaction with other institutes:

Graduating classes also took a training prepared by DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust) Ethiopia in collaboration with Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department. The training was Reach Up! program and coaching offered from February 2-26, 2016 outside the formal class time.

Graduation. As soon as we had concluded mission and family training, TEC MD had moved to graduation ceremony. This year graduation was historical for TEC MD, because degree students were graduated from the college for the first time. 84 students were graduated from TEC MD in three levels (degree, diploma and advanced certificate).

Graduated students

Sections Male Female Total
Night degree students 8 1 9
Regular Degree students 26 2 28
Diploma students 23 3 26
Certificate 20 1 21
Total 77 7 84



TEC MD Instructors on graduation ceremony


2016 TEC MD graduate

Prayer Request: TEC-MD is doing great job in training missionaries for Ethiopia and beyond. We kindly ask your prayer and support for this great work, and be part in God’s Great Commission.


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የአቶ ፉኮ ቡቻላ አጭር   ምስክርነት


አቶ ፉኮ ቡቻላ በሲዳማ ዞን በሀገረ ሰላም አካባቢ ቡርሳ በሚባል ስፍራ ተወልዶ ያደጉ ሲሆኑ የተወለዱት የባዕድ አምልኮ ከሚያመልኩ ቤተሰብ እንደነበሩ ይመሰክራሉ፡፡ ገና በተወለዱበት አካባቢ እየኖሩ ሳሉ እግዚአብሄር ሌሊት በህልም እንደጠራቸዉና በኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ እንዲያምኑ እንደነገራቸወና ከዚያችም እለት ጀምሮ ጌታን እያገለገሉ መቆየታቸዉን ይመሰክራሉ፡፡ ጌታ በድንቅ አጠራሩ እንደጠራቸዉ በቤቱ እንደተከላቸዉም በምስጋና ይመሰክራሉ፡፡

ጌታ ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስን ከማያመልኩና የባዕድ አምልኮን ከሚከተሉ ቤተሰብ የተወለዱ አቶ ፉኮ ቡቻላ ልክ እንደ አብርሃም ከተወለዱበት ስፍራ የወጡት ብርቅ የሆነዉን የእግዚአብሄር ቃል ብቻ አንግበዉ ነበር፡፡  የወንጌል እዉነት ሰንቀዉ ቡርሳ ቦዴ ከሚባል ከተወለዱበት ሥፍራ ለቀዉ ወደ ሀረና ጫካ ሐሊላ ወደሚትባል ሥፍራ ሲያመሩ ተስፋቸዉን የጣሉበት ፣ ያመኑት፣ የተመኩበትና የተደገፉት የአብርሃም አምላክ ብቻ መሆኑን ይናገራሉ፡፡ አቶ ፉኮ ያልተማሩና ፊደል ያልቆጠሩ ቢሆኑም የተደገፉት ጌታ አያሳፍርምና ምንም ወንጌል ባልደረሰባቸዉ ስፍራ ታላቅ ፍሬን ለማፍራት ቻሉ፡፡ ወደ ሀረና ሲሄዱ ምንም የክርስትና እምነት ተከታይ እንዳልነበረና ወንጌልን ለማዳረስ ብርቱ ተጋድሎ ያደርጉ እንደነበር ይመሰክራሉ፡፡ ስለዚህ በሰፈሩበት አካባቢ የወንጌልን እዉነት ለማብራት በቁርጠኝነት ከመነሳታቸዉም ባሻገር ከባሌ ክፍለ ሀገር በወርቃ ተመድበዉ ከሚያገለግሉና ወደ ወርቃ አካባቢ እየተመላለሱ ከሚያገለግሉ አገልጋዮች ማለትም ከነ አቶ ቶማስ ሶዳኖ እና አቶ ነጋሽ ደገፉ ጭምር ተጨማሪ ትምህርት ያገኙ እንደነበሩም ይናገራሉ፡፡ በአካባቢ ላሉት ነዋሪዎች ባለመሰልቸት ወንጌልን በመመስከር ፣ ወጣቶችን በማስተማር ፣ ያመኑትን ደቀ መዛሙርት በማድረግ ፣ አዳድስ ነፍሳትን በማስተማር ለብቻቸዉ ሆነዉ ከፍተኛ ተጋድሎ እንዳደረጉ ባደረግንላቸዉ ቃለ መጠይቅ አስቀምጠዋል፡፡ ዛሬ ግን ብዙ አማኞችን ሲያዩና ለረጅም ጊዜ ስጽልዩ የነበሩትን ፍሬ ሲመለከቱ እግዚአብሄርን ያመሰግናሉ፡፡ በሀሊላ ሀዳ አካባቢ ያለዉ የወንጌል ስራ አቶ ፉኮ በጌታ ብርታት ያፈሩ መሆናቸዉን ይናገራሉ፡፡

አቶ ፉኮ ቡቻላ በመጠነኛ የአርሶ አደር ኑሮ የሚተዳደሩ ቢሆኑም ለወንጌል ካላቸዉ መነሳሳትና ለችግረኞች ካላቸዉ ዉስጣዊ ስሜትና ርህራሄ የተነሳ አነሰኝ ጎደለኝ ሳይሉ ችግረኞችን ሲረዱ ፣ የተለያዩ መንፈሳዊ ስብሰባዎችን ስያደርጉ ፣ እንግዶችን ለመቀበል ሲተጉ ፣ የማምለኪያ ቤቶችን ሲሰሩ እስካሁንም አቅማቸዉ በፈቀደ መልኩ ትጋታቸዉን እየተወጡ መገኘታቸዉን ባደረግንላቸዉ ቃለ መጠይቅ አስቀምጠዋል፡፡ በተጨማሪም ለግላቸዉ ጥቅም ያልኖሩ ራስ ወዳድነት ያልተጠናወታቸዉ አባት ናቸዉ፡፡ ከህይወታቸዉ ምስክርነት እንደተረዳነዉ ለጋሽ ፣ ሩህሩህና የህይወት ምሳሌ መሆን የቻሉ አባት ናቸዉ፡፡ በተለይ ችግረኞችን ከመርዳት አንጻር ሲናገሩ ‹‹ችግረኞችን የሚረዳዉ በቂ ገንዘብ ስላለኝ ወይም ተርፎኝ ምጽዋት ለማዉጣት አይደለም፡፡ ከሌሎች የተሻለ በቂ ንብረት ስላለኝ ሳይሆን ከጉድለቴ ጉድለታቸዉን ለመሸፈን ነዉ›፤ ጉድለታቸዉም ሁል ጊዜ ጉድለቴ ሆኖ ስለምታየኝ የተቻለኝን ሁሉ አደርጋለሁ፣ ምንም ባልችል እንኳን ከሚያለቅሱት ጋር አለቅሳለሁ፣ እጸልይላቸዋለሁ እንጂ ችላ ብዬ አላልፋቸዉም›› ይላሉ፡፡ ንግግራቸዉን በማስተዋል ስናዳምጥ ‹‹ሰዉን ለመርዳት ሰዉ መሆን በቂ ነዉ፡፡›› የሚሉ ይመስላሉ፡፡ ደግሞም ሐዋሪያ ያዕቆብ በያዕ 1፡27 ላይ ‹‹ንጽህ የሆነ ነዉርም የሌለበት አምልኮ በእግዚአብሄር አብ ዘንድ ይህ ነዉ፤ ወላጆች የሌላቸዉን ልጆች ፤ ባልቴቶችንም በመከራ መጠየቅ በአለም ከሚገኝ እድፍ እራስን መጠበቅ ነዉ፡፡›› ያለዉን ቃል መሰረት ያደረጉ ይመስላሉ፡፡

ንግግራቸዉን በመቀጠል አቶ ፉኮ  እጅግ በጣም በመገረም ህይወት ሆኖ ስለ ሰላም ይናገራሉ፡፡ ‹‹ለኢትዮጵያ ሰላምን ያመጣ ወንጌል ነዉ ፤ ያንን አስጨናቂ የስደት የግርፋት፣ የእስራት ፣የዘረፋ ፣ የጭንቀት ፣ የባርነት ዘመን ያሳለፈ ፤ በነፃነት ጌታን የሚናመልክበት ዘመን ያሳየን የወንጌል ፍሬ ነዉ›› ይላሉ፡፡ በመቀጠልም ለዚህ ተግባር ምክንያት የሆነዉን የአሁኑን የኢትዮጵያን መንግስት ያመሰግናሉ፡፡ ባለፉት የመንግስት አገዛዝ ዉስጥ በተለይም በደርግ ጊዜ የደረሰባቸዉን ጥልቅ መከራ የሚያስጨንቅ ስሜት በተሞላ አገላለጽ ያስቀምጣሉ፡፡ ‹‹ በደርግ ጊዜ ጌታን በማምለካችን ብቻ ተገርፈናል ፣ ተደብድበናል ፣ ታስረናል ፣ ቤታችን ተቃጥሏል ፤ ቤተክርስቲያን ተቃጥሎብናል ፣ ልጆቻችን ወደ ጦር ሜዳ ተወስዶብናል ፣ ከእኛ ነጥለዉ ብዙ ጓደኞቻችንን ገድለዉብናል ፣ ጌታን በማምለካቸዉ ብቻ ጓደኞቻችን በጥይት ተረሽነዋል፡፡ ብዙ ጓደኞቼ በተገደሉበት ስፍራ በባሌ ዶዶላ እንዲሁም በጎባ ታስሬ ነበር፡፡ በሚያስገርም ሁኔታ ያስመለጠኝና ይህንን ቀን ያሳየኝን ጌታ አመሰግናለሁ›› ይላሉ፡፡

የታቦር ወንጌላዊት ኮሌጅ ራዕይና ተልይኮን ከመደገፋቸዉ አንጻር ሲናገሩ ሁል ጊዜ በጸሎት ከታቦር ወንጌላዊ ኮሌጅ ጎን እንዳሉና በየእለቱ ለዚህ ተልዕኮ ስኬት እንደሚቃትቱም ተናግረዋል፡፡  አቶ ፉኮ ቡቻላ ማንም ሳያነሳሳቸዉ ፣ ማንም ሳይጠይቃቸዉ ላለፉት ሁለት አመታት በጸሎትና አቅማቸዉ በፈቀደላቸዉ የታቦር ወንጌላት ኮሌጅን ራዕይ ሲደግፉ መቆየታቸዉ ግልጽ ነዉ፡፡ በዚህ ዘመን የሚሽን ትምህርት ቤት መኖርና የእግዚአብሄርን ቃል ማስተማር ብቻ ያስደሰታቸዉ ይህ አባት ‹‹ተማሪዎች ሻይ ቡና ይጠጡበት በማለት ሁለት ሺ ብር እንደላኩም ይታወቃል፡፡›› የታቦር ወንጌላዊት ኮሌጅ ተማሪዎችም በመስማማት በእሳቸዉ ስም መጽሀፍ ተገዝተዉ በቤተ መጽሐፍት ተቀምጠዉ እየተጠቀሙ ይገኛሉ፡፡ ይህ አባት ይህንን እንዲያደርጉ ያነሳሳቸዉ ምን እንደ ሆነ ጠይቀናቸዉ ነበር፤ የመለሱልን መልስ ግን ያልጠበቅነዉ ነበር፤ ‹‹ስጦታን ሁሉ የሰጠን እግዚአብሄር ነዉ፡፡ የሰጠን ግን ለራሳችን ብቻ እንድንኖርበት አይደለም፤ የሰጠንን እንድንሰጥና እንድንደጋገፍበትም ጭምር ነዉ፡ የዘወትር ጸሎቴ ያለኝ ጥቂት ገንዘብ ለወንጌል ስራ እንዲዉል እንጂ በህክምናና በወንጀል ምክንያት ሐኪሞችና ዳኞች እንዳይበሉ የዘወትር ጸሎቴ ነዉ›› ይላሉ፡፡ ይህ አባት ለሁላችንም ታላቅ ምሳሌ ሊሆኑን ይችላሉ፡፡ ሁላችን ለጋራ ራዕይ በአንድነት ብንያያዝና ብንደጋገፍ ለሌሎች እንተርፋለን አንጂ ሁል ጊዜ ከሌሎች የምንጠብቅ አንሆንም፡፡

በመጨረሻም አቶ ፉኮ ለታቦር ወንጌላዊት ኮሌጅ ተመራቂዎች እንዲሁም ለቤተሰቦቻቸዉ እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ ይላል፡፡ በዚህ ምረቃ ምክንያት በታቦር ወንጌላዊት ኮሌጅ ግቢ  ተገኝተዉ እግዚአብሄር እየስራ ያለዉን ስራ በመመልከታቸዉ የተሰማቸዉን ታላቅ ደስታን ገልጸዋል፡፡ እንዲሁም ወንጌልን በንፁህ ልብና በትጋት ለመስራት እንዲነሱ፤ የማይጠፋዉን የወንጌልን እሳትና የወንጌልን ዘር ይዘዉ እንዲወጡ ለተመራቂዎች፣ ለተመራቂ ቤተሰቦች፣ ለታቦር ወንጌላዊት ኮሌጅ ሰራተኞችና ተማሪዎች በሙሉ መልዕክታቸዉን አስተላልፈዋል፡፡

‹‹ሙሴም በላከኝ ጊዜ እንደ ነበርሁ፥ ዛሬ ጕልበታም ነኝ ጕልበቴም በዚያን ጊዜ እንደ ነበረ፥ እንዲሁ ዛሬ ለመዋጋት ለመውጣትም ለመግባትም ጉልበቴ ያው ነው።›› ኢያ 14፡11

ለበለጠ መረጃ ፡

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Speech with Fukko Beshala who is 120 years old


Speech with Fukko Beshala who is 120 years old

Now then, just as the LORD promised, he has kept me alive for forty-five years since the time he said this to Moses, while Israel moved about in the wilderness. So here I am today, eighty-five years old! I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.” (Joshua 14:10-11)

Ato[1] Fukko Bushala was Born in Southern part of Ethiopia; Sidama zone, Hagereselam Woreda at the specific place called Bursa-Borde. Even though he could not mention the exact date and time of his birth date, he boldly claims that he is 120 years old now. He knows the events that happened during the end of Minilik II (probably after 1906-1911)[2] and liji Iyasu’s time (1913-1916)[3]. Ato Fukko was born and grown up among idolatrous family. He had worshipped man-made gods during his childhood just as his own family. Once up on a time, he had heard divine calling through dream. According to the interview we have done with Ato Fukko, God called him in the mid-night through dream while he was living with his family in his birth place. He said that he was summoned by God to believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of living God instead of worshipping man-made and created gods. He extolled God for his endurance and he is surprised still when he becomes conscious about God’s calling.

Ato fukko, who was born among traditional religious family, was left his family to the place God had indicated him. He had relied and depended on Almighty God, when he set out from his birth place and his family members just like Abraham has done. While he left his family’s home, his only possessions were the precious word of God (the Holy Bible) and his stave. He has carried his stave and Bible when moved to Harena forest, where he had arrived the place so called Halila. While he decided to move to unknown place of jungle, his only hope, confidence and fortress was the God of Abraham. Even though he was illiterate, without any educational background, he put his faith in all knowing God, to bear there astonishing fruit at the end.

According to Ato Fukko, there wasn’t any Christian in the place when he arrived at Halila. Therefore, he was highly challenged and tempted to preach the good news there. So he took all accountability and commitment alone. No one was with him to assist and encourage him while he started preaching the gospel for non-believers around Harena. He was preaching, singing, praying, teaching new comers alone. But God has added new believers day to day. They were increased from time to time in the place.

Apart from evangelizing others, he had tried to have connection with the ministers came from Bale. According to Ato Fukko’s evidence, Ato Negash Degefu and Ato Thomas Sodano were coming from former Bale-Dodola (Current West Arsi) to Worka constantly to encourage believers around Worka. He planned to communicate with those ministers and to bring up-to-date himself in Christian dogmas. So, Ato Fukko was eagerly waiting their coming to learn from them in order to teach the new believers around Harena forest.

Ato Fukko said, “I was preaching, teaching, counseling, praying, descipling, evangelizing, witnessing, and doing everything alone. No one was with me in that harrowing forest while I started proclaiming the good news. But I had believed that God was with me in every situation. I praise my supreme and faithful God who has given me health and age to see multitude believers with my necked eyes. Many thousands of believers in Harena forest, especially those who are in Halila-Hada[4], are the fruits of mine in Jesus Christ.”

Ato Fukko’s eyes were filled with tears when he remembers his past events. Even though he was leading his life and family depending on small farming, he was helping poor, mobilizing and arranging spiritual programs, building worship places, and he was taking initiatives. He did these things, not to have popularity, but to obey his internal feelings and God given responsibility. He opposes greediness which is not from God. His stand is that God wants all believers to be generous from what they have.

We have learned a lot from his testimony that he is generous, humble and model for many believers. He said

I am helping the poor from what I have, not because I have much but to share their feeling. I always understand that they are in need. So I believe that I should help them. I even cry with those who mourn through their difficulties. I am happy if I would have helped the poor all times. I am ready to help them from my little income; however, most of the time I am limited to help the poor.

In the middle of his speech he quoted from Jas 1:27 “Religion that God accepts as pure and faultless in this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”. He also said that being man is enough to assist poor mankind.

He continued in his speech testifying current situation in Ethiopia by relating with Dergue reign. He stated that gospel is the means of peace and stability for Ethiopians. He said,

Those years of persecution, fear, oppression, anxiety, slavery, being torched, impressments, and being out casted from the society were passed away, and today is the new day. I praised God who substituted those horrible times of doom by incredible peace, liberty, love, freedom of religion and human right.

Ato Fukko did not skip to other themes without presenting his thanks to current Ethiopian government, because he was persecuted and torched during former dictatorial Ethiopian Government. He stated his feeling with grieved emotion, while he spoke about those events. He said,

We were arrested, harshly torched, tied with chains, and we were out casted from our society. The time was so difficult in which we had expected doom and punishment in our daily lives. Some of our friends were murdered, churches’ buildings were flamed, home of many ministers including mine were destroyed and burnt out, and most of our children were forced to move to battle. The only reason of all this punishment was our being believers and worshiping Jesus Christ as our own savior.

According to Fuko Bushala, he himself was arrested in the place where his friends were killed by Dergue. He said “ I was there in prison when my friends were killed in Dodola and Goba.” He praised the Lord who delivered him by His miraculous protection from the hand of murderers.

Currently Ato Fukko is living simple life in Halila-Hada. He has heard about vision, mission and goals of Tabor Evangelical College Mission Department (TEC-MD) in his living place. Since he heard about TEC-MD from local ministers around his local area, he has started permanent prayer about college’s daily activity and success. Ato Fuko was motivated without any advertisement, to help the MD students by sending 2000 Eth birr. Students and staff of MD had discussed over what he has sent in order to come to common agreement. Then it was decided by MD community to buy the books for library of the department is his name. Now a day’s students and staff are using those books as references. We have asked Ato Fukko in order to know what motivated him to help MD students without our request and special advertisement. His answer was an expected. He said “when God provides us the material blessing, he gave us not only to satisfy our needs, but also to share and have communion with each other. As he gave us precious gift we also should give others from what we have given.”

This old man is still young to produce vision, to be the model for contemporary generation; he is still young to preach about Christ.

May God bless him and give him long life with strength!

[1] Ato is Amharic equivalent for Mister

[2] Ethipian governer -1913

[3]Ethipian governor in 1913-16

[4] Halila-Hada is current living palace of Ato Fukko which about 450 Km. far from capital city towards southeast direction of the Ethiopia

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