Tabor Evangelical College 2015-2016 Training programs and criteria

Tabor Evangelical College2015-2016 Training programs and criteria

The mission of TEC is to equip ministers for the accomplishment of the Great Commission of the Lord. Last four years TEC-MD has been training ministers in Missiology at Diploma level. Since Sept. 2012 we have been training students in Theology (speciall focus on missiology) at BTH level. We invite all the churches and organizations who would like to train and send missionaries and future leaders.

Programs for the 2015-16 Academic year

  1. BTH in Theology (4 years study): We receive candidates who completed 10+ 3 diploma in any field of study and  have GPA of 2.5 or according to the current education policy who completed preparatory school and scored above 265 or according to the previous education policy who completed 12th grade and scored 2.00 and above. The candidates should attend the English language crash course given from July 22 to August 15 and must pass the English entrance exam and interview given on the 14th and 15th of August 2015.
  2.  The diploma in Missiology program (3 years study): we receive students who completed 10th grade and have minimum result of 2.0 or those who according to the previous education policy completed grade 12 and scored 1.8 and above. The candidates must pass the English entrance exam and interview given on the 14th and 15th of August 2015.
  3. For the Advanced certificate program (in Amharic), TEC receives students who completed 1st year Bible School of the EECMY. The candidates will receive (Bible and Church history) entrance Exam on Sept 14/2015.
The candidates for the Degree and Diploma progaram will pay for the crash course, ETB 75 for registration and ETB 600 as course fee; i.e. total of ETB 675. this will not include the one month food allowance and the transport of the student.

Second Year Bible School candidates will pay ETB 100 for registration and examination costs.

4. TEC also teaches ministers in Hawassa and its surrounding in evening and weekend degree programs.The crateria for the degree night/weekend program is similar with the BTH program described in no.1 above. The candidates will take an entrance exam prepared for them on August 7/2015. The candidates can also take the English Language crash course given to the candidates of the regular degree and dimploma programs mentioned above paying ETB 500.

TEC Missiology Department Dean  +251973506223/ 0462208879/046220177 P.O.Box. 1070 Hawassa Email:,, አድራሻ፡ሐዋሳ ከደቡብ ክልል ጤና ቢሮ ወረድ ብሎ በታቦር ተራራ ስር 

The annual Education fee and food allowance of the academic year of 2015-2016 is listed below 

Reasons for payment Degree program Diploma program 2nd year Bible school Night/ weekend Remark
Tution fee 5000 4500 3000 3600 Some regular students may not pay food allowance to the college if they choose to have provided in other means.Night or weekend students will pay Birr 85 per credit hour for tution fee
Registration 200 200 200 200
Books and stationary 1500 1200 700 1200
Medical fee 400 400 400
Dormitory 1000 1000 1000
Total fee 8100 7300 5300 5000
Food allowance 9000 9000 9000   Students whose food allowance is paid collect Birr 900 for 10 months each.

  Graduating classes pay additional ETB 500 for graduation cost.

Transportation, family support for married students etc… is not included in the list above. These costs are expected to be covered by the sending body of the students.

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