Mission Department


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The Mission Department consist of three different programs with a total number of 194 students.18052013(001)

The programs offered at TEC MD are:

  • Certificate: Second Year Bible School.
  • Diploma in Missiology. A 3 year program.
  • Bachelor Degree of Theology in Missiology. A 4 year program.

Please Contact the Acting Dean Ato Getachew Gelebo Guyo +251462208879 or +251913976043 the Acting dean of the department and Ato Galgalo Karre Elema +251462203177 or +251911910670 TEC Acting Principal for further questions regarding the Mission Department.

Getachew Gelebo, MD Acting Dean

A/Dean Ato Getachew

The TEC Mission Department has a competent and dedicated faculty with extensive experience and educational background from both Ethiopia, Europe and USA.


From this link you can read about an exiting mission trip the  students from Diploma 3 class undertook to Omorate.

Purpose of TEC Mission Department

The Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department is established to serve the Triune God, His Church and His People in performing the following activities:

1. To participate in Great Commission of proclamation of the Gospel through a right teaching and preaching of God’s Word in such a way that it becomes meaningful to the Ethiopian citizens and others in their particular settings.

2. The task of the church involves spiritual growth as well as numerical growth. Thus, the main purpose of TEC Missiology Department is to undertake training programs for the ministers of the Evangelical Churches in the field of mission and evangelism.

3. It also strengthen human power capacity of the congregations in the synods so as to enable them to carry on their ongoing, evangelistic ministries more efficiently and in a more fruitful manner across cultures and to produce component field missionaries, mission educators, and church leaders.

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