Tabor Evangelical College Mission Department

Some Students and instructors on Mission Work on Nov. 28-30/2014

On Nov. 28-30/2014 some students and Instructors went to Borena zone and Arbaminch area Gumaide Mekane Yesus Congregation to serve God’s people. Two instructors and three students went to Yabelo area Drarito congregation while one instructor went to EECMY SWS Gumaide Parish Haybenna Congregation on Nov. 28-30/2014.

Mr. Solomon Yohannis and Godana Gobena went to Darito Congregation with three TEC students while Mr Getachew Gelebo went to Gumaide Haybenna Congregation. They were tended for mission of Christ and were serving there God’s people for three days.

Mr Solomon Yohannis led the mini group to Darito Mekane Yesus congregation. He was teaching and preaching the word of God. People around Darito have been hearing God’s word in very special way because Mr. Solomon presented his teaching and Sermon about God’s love, God’s mission as well as about seeking God by the context of the society. He was harmonizing God’s word with Borena’s culture  to make clear the message. The main theme of Solomon’s preaching was: God’s love, plan, protection and our engagement in His mission. Many audience of the sermon were pleased and glorifying God after they heard God’s word in their own language and cultural settings.IMG_1321

Mr Solomon Yohannis was preaching in Darito Mekane Yesus Congregation

Mr Godana Gobena was also preaching on the program about John’s letter to seven Churches of Asia Minor. The main theme of his perching was turning back to Jesus Christ with genuine repentance, Love, faithfulness and stand firm in the midst of hardship, persecution, suffering until the second coming of Jesus Christ. IMG_1333

There were also three students who were serving  on the program. Eva. Wario Arero is from Dgree II, he was the evangelist of Darito congregation. He preached on the title: Examine our ways and return Christ.


Sule Garbole is Degree III student in Tabor Evangelical College. she was singingIMG_1251

Evangelist Halkano Liben is also preaching, sharing his experience and giving testimony on the program.

The people from Darito came together and heard God’s Word by their own language. Many people have got deliverance from demon possession and from different sickness, bout 25 people received Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  IMG_1329

Mr. Getachew Gelebo went to Gumaide to teach members of four EECMY congregations about the elements in Christian worship. He was called by the parish because there are misunderstandings among some members concerning worship and spiritual gifts. Members from four neighboring congregations (Kabura, Haybenna, Maqayla, and Tesfa Tsiyon) came together to solve their differences due to misunderstandings. 8 representatives from Gumaide Parish administration were present to settle the issue.

DSCF0198After the teachings, on Sunday, there was questions, comments and suggestions from all four congregations. Finally, the matter was settled and the nominee a committee that will arrange programs and visitations.

DSCF0190                                    Getachew in the midst of discussion.

At the end of the conference, Reverend Chaka Dina, Gumaide Parish leader was so happy for the program that these four congregations came together and agreed to work in fellowship. He said, “this will strengthen the unity among them and will also help for the growth of the Parish. I am happy that God has solved the matter I was thinking and worried about. I see God is at work and my fear of disunity of these four neighboring congregations (specially Tesfa Tsiyon as one side while the rest three at one side) has gone. Thanks be to God”

DSCF0139Evangelist Admasu Guyola and Rev. Chaka Dina in Haybenna Congregation compound.


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