About TEC

Tabor Evangelical College (TEC)  is situated in the town of Hawassa in Great Rift Valley Ethiopia.

TEC is an institution created to serve the southern Synods of EECMY and the wider community by providing training to Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, and High school and Preparatory students to make the trainees effective spiritual leaders, missionaries, pastors and very effective in their academic Education to join Higher Educations. See Mission Statement and Objectives

You can read more on the TEC history here: TEC History

TEC has three departments:

Acting Principal Ato Galgalo Karre Elema +251462203177

High School and Preparatory with 800 students. Director Ato Tesfaye Teshite  +251462205346

Mission Department with 194 student at Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor Degree level. Acting Dean Ato Getachew Gelebo Guyo +2512208879

Finance and Administration Department. Director Ato Tarekegn Petros +251462214712

Address: TEC Postbox 1070. Hawassa. Sidamo. Ethiopia.

Email: evangel@ethionet.et

From all over the world you can support Tabor through the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

  • Address: P.O.Box 255, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Account number: 10000 67 753 732
  • Swift Code: CBETETAA

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