High School

Flag ceremony

At TEC High School and Preparatory, each day start with a Flag Ceremony.

800 Students attends High School and Preparatory at Tabor Educational Center. This is one of the best High Schools in the Southern part of Ethiopia. The students come from the Southern region and from Hawassa town.

From this link you can see the cultural diversity represented at TEC: Cultural Day 2013 at TEC


From this link you can read more news from High School and Preparatory

In the video clip below you will meet Barkede Kulumundere Dedebe and Olijaholi Gnamanitakuy. They are from the Mursi people and they study at TEC High School.

8 Responses to High School

  1. masresha says:

    Thank you for all of this. I just spent a lot of interesting time on the website and enjoy the variety of items, comments, and many insights. It’s great of you to keep up with all around us, and speak so freely to people who need to hear. Masresha

  2. 123456 says:

    First of all I want to say thak you for the Website and it is wonder full.please keep up on the continuation of News,comments,Advising with all around. thank you.

  3. Captain Bersufekad Mariyo says:

    wooowww… i appreciate ur work and i am proud of you. But it will be better if u post more images frequently that can give more info about the school..
    CAPTAIN BMW (12NSB) together with high school dormitory students…

  4. 123456 says:

    congragulation TEC HP Students won the compution
    which was done among Hawassa preparatory school &Meshame Teshome was the one who compute the Question&Answer race and Rewarded 1000birr.

  5. messi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your posting. I would greatly appreciate any update on the students on the video clip: Barkede Kulumundere Dedebe and Olijaholi Gnamanitakuy. They both dreamed of joining medical school, and I am a medical doctor.

    God bless your work, and God bless Ethiopia.

  6. kibrom mesele says:

    i appriciate your work ,but it would be intersting if you add more videos and pictures of all batchs

  7. kibrom mesele says:


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