Students at High School and Preparatory

Here you can meet some of the new High School students at TEC.

Sosina Shimelis is a new student at TEC and she seems happy with her new school:

Sosina Shimelis“Our school compound is huge and green. We have most school facilities like Library, Laboratory, IT-class, recreational and pedagogical center etc. The school provide us with a good environment to develop us spiritually. There is a good fellowship among the students. I think it helps us to develop diversity and widen our thoughts in all directions. 

As we know Ethiopia needs very strong work to develop, and we are the future for Ethiopia. To develop our country, we need to be educated and to work hard. In my school there are good things which help us to develop our potential. There are also good rules and regulations that help us to grow with discipline and have a good base for our future life. All this help us to be strong educated persons, so I can say that our school is the best! – I wish success for all Ethiopian peoples! 

Liban Godana

Liban Godana is also in ninth grade: “Our school is a famous school. It has also a comfortable compound with vista and fresh air because of the flowers and trees everywhere.  My fellow students in our school are all clever scoring a brilliant mark and passing the examination with a great distinctions in all subjects. In spite the fact that I didn’t have a good knowledge before, now I get knowledge from my teachers. I am confident that I will be successful and have a good life in the future when I continue to study in this school.”  

Abraham Girma underlines the teachers and the environment: 

Abraham Girma

“At TEC there are very experienced teachers, good rules and regulations and a nice green compound with fresh air. The school is at the bottom of Tabor Mountain, so the view is nice.  I also like the spiritual manner in which this school is running. Generally Tabor Evangelical College is very nice for students -for learning and enjoyment.”

English teacher Wondiye Yassa and ninth grader Kirubel Tilahun

English teacher Wondiye Yassa and ninth grader Kirubel Tilahun

Lastly you will meet Kirubel Tilahun: “TEC is an amazing school with the goal of creating ethical and educated students. I love TEC for every good thing!”


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