TEC-MD Application and RegistrationForm

Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department (TEC-MD)

Students Application

P.O. Box 1070. Hawassa, Ethiopia

For the Academic year 201____ to 201_____

  1. Basic Information: All applicants must fill out the following:

Full Name: _____________________________________________

Male/ Female        Date of Birth:_________________             Occupation__________________

Home Church (denomination, church unit, and congregation): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Schools attended: ______________________________________________________________

Contact information (telephone, e-mail, postal address): _____________________________________________________________

  1. Basic Admission Requirement: Your application must include a copy of your official ESLCE/Grade 10 results of transcripts, which indicate a minimum of 1.8 for male and 1.6 for female of ESLCE and 2.0 for both of 10th grade may include 10+1, 10+2 for diploma with at least 5 passes including a pass C or better in English with the pass mark per the new education policy of the country.
  1. Enrolment Status: Tick ONE:
  • Diploma: intending to graduate in 3 years
  • Degree: intending to graduate in 4 years
  • Night class Degree: intending to graduate with in 4-6 years
  • Special: intending to take some courses

If you intend to graduate from TEC MD, your application must include the following:

  1. An autobiographical statements of about 300-500 words, answering the following questions:
    • What does it mean for you to be a Christian?
    • How did you become a Christian?
    • What is the message of Christianity as you understand it?
    • How does Christian leadership differ from leadership in the world/
    • Why are you seeking theological education?
  2. A current Health certificate signed by a recognized medical officer.
  3. A confidential letter of recommendation from your congregational pastor or elder. This must be sent directly to TEC MD. Write his / her name on the line:


  1. Academic Program: Tick ONE:
  • Diploma
  • 2nd Year Bible School
  • Degree
  • Other:__________________

Note: Those applying for theology in Diploma and Degree must pass Entrance exam in English during its time.

  1. Course Selection: Almost all courses are taken in the College without any information given by the College.
  1. Other Requirements:

a) How will your studies at TEC MD be financed?

  • Private payment: Your application must include a letter or document indicating proof of your ability to the fees.
  • Scholarship: Your application must include a letter from your sponsor or sending body indicating their commitment to pay for studies.

b) All applicants must also include two recent passport –size photographs.

c) All applicants will be interviewed as scheduled.

d) Residence information: Full time students will live in the compound if no any case. Night diploma program students are not included here. Tick one:

  • N0
  • Yes, single
  • Yes, married. Give the name of your spouse and the number of the children living with you:


  1. Checklist for Attachments: Tick the items that are attached to this application, if required.
    • A copy of your official ESLCE results (required for the applicants).
    • Your autobiographical statement (required).
    • Your current Health certificate (required)
    • Your transcripts of academic school and other.
    • A letter indicating financial support or any confirmation.
    • Two recent passport –size photographs.
  1. Signature and date: ____________________                 ________________
  1. Final Comments:
  • You should make your own photocopy of this application before sending it in.
  • Submit your completed application, with attachments to concerned body of TEC MD.
  • Check the TEC MD notice board for schedules for the entrance exams and interviews.


Registration Form

EECMY Tabor Evangelical College Mission Department

Name _____________________________                      Date________________

PROGRAM (check the appropriate box)

  • Degree
  • Night Class Degree
  • Diploma
  • 2nd Year Bible School

ACADEMIC YEAR          2001____ to 2001____ Semester      one         two

YEAR OF STUDY(check the appropriate box)

  • Year One
  • Year Two
  • Year Three
  • Year Four
  • Year Five

ENROLMENT STATUS (check the appropriate box)

  • Full Time
  • Part- Time
  • Night Time
  • Special

COURSE TITLES                                                                      Required    Elective     Audit

  1. ____________________________________          R                  E             A
  2. ____________________________________          R                  E             A
  3. ____________________________________          R                  E             A
  4. ____________________________________          R                  E             A
  5. ___________________________________             R                  E             A
  6. ___________________________________             R                  E             A
  7. ___________________________________             R                  E             A

PAYMENT (check the appropriate box)

  • Cash
  • Credit__________________________
  • Other __________________________


              ___________________                               _______________

Program Dean                                                            Registrar