Mission Statement

The TEC is an institution created to serve the southern Synods of EECMY and the wider community by providing training to Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, and High school and Preparatory students to make the trainees effective spiritual leaders, missionaries, pastors and very effective in their academic Education to join Higher Educations.

General Objective:

The TEC is established with a purpose to serve the Triune God, his kingdom and his people in performing spiritual and social activities

Specific Objectives:

1.      It contributes in the building of God’s Church through the development of consecrated capable Ethiopian leadership and missionaries for the Church and wider community.

2.     It prepares and equips the Christian believers in view of the Wholistic Ministry of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus spiritually, academically and, vocationally, for Christian Ministry in an Ethiopian context in particular and an African in general.

3.     It promotes the nurture of congregations and the Church Units through the training and the continuing education of pastors, church leaders, by conferring Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates of Theology/missiology/  and High School and Preparatory Certificates of the Government Exams

4.     It participates in the proclamation of the Gospel through a right teaching and preaching God’s Word in such a way that it becomes meaningful to the Ethiopian Citizens and Others in their particular cultural settings and prepare the Students in High school and Preparatory classes with good qualification for the continuum of their education.

5.    Preparing students by providing quality education and join Universities and be effective citizens to the country.

The Purpose of TEC MD

The Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department is established to serve the Triune God, His Church and His People in performing the following activities:

1. To participate in Great Commission of proclamation of the Gospel through a right teaching and preaching of God’s Word in such a way that it becomes meaningful to the Ethiopian citizens and others in their particular settings.

2. The task of the church involves spiritual growth as well as numerical growth. Thus, the main purpose of TEC Missiology Department is to undertake training programs for the ministers of the Evangelical Churches in the field of mission and evangelism.

3. It also strengthen human power capacity of the congregations in the synods so as to enable them to carry on their ongoing, evangelistic ministries more efficiently and in a more fruitful manner across cultures and to produce component field missionaries, mission educators, and church leaders.

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