TEC MD’s main works in 2016

Besides the formal teaching and learning activities Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department is active in some practical guided ministry and  extracurricular activities. The following are main activities of the department in 2016:

  1. Prayer day.  There are mountain prayer days four times per a year. TEC MD community usually prays on the mountain in the mornings 8:00-12:00 and in the college’s hall in the afternoons.

    Prayer day of TEC MD

    2. Practical Guided ministry

The department had been sending Diploma II and Degree II students to unreached areas for the last three years after giving a one week training. This is one of TEC MD part of practical guided ministry and right interaction with local congregations and nonbelievers.  Every year students from Diploma II and Degree II have sent to different unreached areas in the southeast, south and south west. S people areas such as Filtu, Jijiga, Areas neighboring to the S people such as South Ethiopia Synod, Wabe Batu Synod – Arsi and Bale areas, South Omo—unreached people group – Hamer, Arbore, Turmi, Omorate, Places where many S related people live as migrants – Dawa Area in South Ethiopia Synod and Galana Abaya parishes.

TEC had started field trip mission work since 2013, 20 volunteer students who had completed first year degree were sent to 10 different sites.  In 2014, 46 students who had completed degree II and Diploma II were sent to 21 different places and in 2015, 43 students who completed degree II and Diploma II were sent to 20 different places. In this year we have planned to send 54 students who have completed degree II and diploma II to the stated areas. We have covered their transport fee, food expense for one month, and other all expense during training in TEC.

Alongside of our students, TEC MD has also train area ministers who are chosen by local congregation or parish or synod in TEC compound. We have covered their transport, food and loading during the stay in TEC for training.

Mission comittee: Mission Work was organized by seven committee  members in TEC MD in 2016.  Godana Gobena and Rev. Temelsen Thomas are from TEC MD instructors), Temesgen Shibiru and Nora Debdal from NLM missionaries and three people are from TEC MD students (Gelo Gololcha from Degree two Dawala from diploma two and Muse Waqayyo from Bible school).

Mission training: As usual TEC MD has prepared mission course for students who are sent to different local congregation. Pastors, evangelists and and degree two and diploma two students have attended the course. The course was given by Mr. Aychiluhim Beyene and Mr. Thomas Burger. Mr. Aychiluhim was teaching actively on the theme of making disciple in very contextual way. Mr. Thomas had also taught the trainee on communicating the gospel in different religious contexts.


TEC MD Mission Course on June 15/2016

Mission training has given for 83 people from area representatives and TEC MD students, the program holds morning devotion, oral teaching, presentations, testimonies, group discussion prayer session.



TEC MD 2016 Mission course trainee on dinner

Mission trip. After effective training all diploma two and degree two students  were started journey to different local congregation. All of them arrived to the target place in peace.

Supervision: Mission committee assigned and TEC staff confirmed that four TEC MD instructors should go to the local congregations for supervision. Mr Getachew has sent to chuluse Amaro while Dagnaw and Zinabu were sent to south Omo and Nechisar respectively. Mr. Galgalo was assigned to supervise students around Moyale and Hirdar.

3. Family Training course

In the same week with mission course (June 14-17/2016), TEC MD graduating class  students with their spouses had been attending Family course. The family course was given by Rev. Geneti Wayesa with his two co-workers from Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Head Office Family Ministry Section.


TEC MD Graduates on family course

TEC MD interaction with other institutes:

Graduating classes also took a training prepared by DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust) Ethiopia in collaboration with Tabor Evangelical College Missiology Department. The training was Reach Up! program and coaching offered from February 2-26, 2016 outside the formal class time.

Graduation. As soon as we had concluded mission and family training, TEC MD had moved to graduation ceremony. This year graduation was historical for TEC MD, because degree students were graduated from the college for the first time. 84 students were graduated from TEC MD in three levels (degree, diploma and advanced certificate).

Graduated students

Sections Male Female Total
Night degree students 8 1 9
Regular Degree students 26 2 28
Diploma students 23 3 26
Certificate 20 1 21
Total 77 7 84



TEC MD Instructors on graduation ceremony


2016 TEC MD graduate

Prayer Request: TEC-MD is doing great job in training missionaries for Ethiopia and beyond. We kindly ask your prayer and support for this great work, and be part in God’s Great Commission.


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