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Dear Readers of TEC word press, please read some information to be updated of TEC MD.

  1. Family course for graduating class:

    Mission Department of Tabor Evangelical college had given marvelous lesson for married graduating class students with their spouses for five days on June 8th-13th/2015 . The purpose of the course is to help and encourage graduating class and their spouses to have good marital life and also serve the Lord as a couple together. Rev. Dawit Yohannis, pastor of EECMY Tabor congregation, had given family course for the couples on the themes of pre-marriage, preparation for wedding, biblical meaning of marriage, and purpose of marriage etc on 8th of June-June 13/2015. Rev. Dawit was using his own book as course material during the training. The graduating class and their family were highly impressed by the course tat was given by Qes Dawit. The following three photography was taken on on family training on last June 11/2015 .20150611_100515

    Rev. Dawit Yohannes and his wife
    20150611_100929 20150611_095028

  2. Graduation:

    Tabor Evangelical College Mission Department diploma III and Bible school students in advanced certificate were graduated and awarded their diploma and certificate on 15th of June 2015. The below picture is taken during graduation ceremonyGraduation20150613_121025DSCF0656

  3. Giving mission course for students:

    The college had been giving training related  to evangelism and mission for Diploma II and Degree II students every year. This year the training was given in 4th week of June 2015. Two course holders are invited to TEC and they gave wonderful course for those students. the themes of those courses are; Serving local congregation inter-culturally, contextualizing gospel among other religious groups, approaching and sharing truth of gospel in love, approaching traditional religious people in their own context and so many practical discussions were happened during training.

IMG_5442 IMG_5408 IMG_5464 IMG_5490Sending students to local congregations:

Christ’s mission is not only the responsibility of full timers in congregation but also is  the commandment that given for all believers in all area. Now a days this commandment has been rejected by many Christians, including ministers. TEC-MD tried to do practical mission work by sending her own students to local congregations. It is known that students were sent to different local congregations to preach the gospel during summer for the past four years.  Fifty students were sent out to different congregations of Mekane yesus for three weeks to mobilize local pastors and evangelists, to evangelize and to encourage believers. Those students  had been giving effective training, testimony, prayer, and proclaiming good-news in the place where they spent the time for three weeks. They all came back safely from three weeks field trip with astonishing testimony and report to TEC just as the disciples of Christ.

4. New Developments in the TEC-MD Staff

Ato Tamrat Tadele, former TEC Principal, left for further study of PhD to USA and Ato Galgalo Karre, former TEC-MD dean, took the responsibility as acting principal. Therefore, Ato Getachew Gelebo, one of the MD instructors is serving as acting dean at MD.

Besides position changes because Tamirat left for the further study, Ato Solomon Yohannes, one of our expatriate instructors, left teaching due to the new assignment given to him by his sending mission society (NLM).

New Instructors in New Academic Year 

Three new full time instructors were added  to the MD staff in 2015/16 academic year. Two of them, Rev. Zenebe Negash and Ato Abraham Tula were our instructors who came back from their study of Masters of Art, and Ato Temesgen Shibru, missionary from NLM, has joined the staff this academic year.

Dr. Arne Tolo, Associate NLA University College Bergen, former missionary of the NLM in Ethiopia,  is teaching two classes  as guest instructor for this  Semester. The college is so previlaged to have such a person with much experience and knowledge in mission and related fields as instructor though it is for the short period of time. We appreciate his contribution and effort, and wish he will come back again.

Admission of New students: look at the following scanned picture to have information about admission of 2015/16 academic year.

DSCF0975This year we have full Degree classes, i.e. we have 8 classes all together, but only 7 class rooms. It is a challenge when we want all classes to have lessons. So, to solve this challenge, one of our classes, degree I, became a movable class looking for free classrooms when one class is free. This will continue until we have one more class to built.

Devotion program:

We have begun our devotion programs in which we share our burdens, concerns, thoughts, feelings and experiences to edify and build each other spiritually. On Mondays we share testimonies and pray on some prayer items. On Wednesdays we listen to expository preaching from a selected book from the Bible. Each year we select one book from the Bible and study together. This year our Book for exposition is the Gospel According to Mark. On Fridays we listen to sermons, songs, literature and dramas.


Rev. Matthewos Dakamo exposing Mark 4:1-20

Rev. Matthewos Dakamo exposing Mark 4:1-20

TEC-MD choir singing 20151009_101500

New members of Mission Committee

The previous mission committee of MD  has accomplished their term and the staff elected new committee members in 2015/16. New Mission committee of ETC MD has 7 Committee member, two instructors from former  committee, two new members form instructors and three people from students.


Students of TEC Missiology Department were organized in different groups of fourteen members which are grouped from different classes. In each group of Mentor-ship, the instructors of MD are assigned to be facilitators and the leaders of the group. In each Mentor-ship group students have the time to share their experiences and the truth of the gospel. There are times of discussion, prayer, testimony and preaching. The main aim of this mentor-ship is to create good relationship between students and students as well as students and their instructors. More over each member of the group share their experience to edify each other and to encourage one another.


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  1. Galgalo says:

    Praise God for what he is doing in TEC.

  2. Dag H Eriksen says:

    Thank you for sharing great news about what is happening at TEC. We wish you all the best and keep you all in our thoughs and hearts.

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