Visit by a Group From Norway


The group with the TEC leaders.


A Christian group which comprises 23 people from Norway visited Tabor Evangelical College on Friday October 31st 2014. The group was led by  former NLM Ethiopia Representative Mr. Osvald Hindenes who is serving the mission work with these people.

Mr. Hindenes explained that most of the group members are retired people but serving the Mission work in Ethiopia and in other areas by collecting various second hand stuffs and equipment from private donors and selling it to raise money for mission in Norway.

Ato Tamrat Tadele, the principal of Tabor Evangelical College explained to the group the background and progress, growth and challenges of the college from its establishment. He told the group that now the college has more than 190 Degree, Diploma and Certificate residing students in Missiology Department and more than 770 High School and Preparatory students from grade nine to twelve.

Thank You Fusa Congregation

The principal also forwarded thanks and appreciation to the other group of last year from Fusa Congregations, who was also led by Mr. Hindenes . The group visited TEC one year ago and raised more than 400,000 Eth Birr for TEC dormitory and classroom construction. See 

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