TEC-MD Beginning of 2014/2015 academic year

Tabor Evangelical College-Missiology Department has started its teaching-learning work of 2014/2015 academic year at its time. Here is some information about the department.

All Nations’ Workshop

The TEC-MD Staff had a workshop with the professionals who came from All Nations Christian College (Mike Wall, the Executive Director, and his wife Ruth Wall- Tutor and en route Programme Leader and Chair for International Mission Training Network ) September 8-9, 2014. On the workshop they have discussed on developing a transformative approach to mission training, TEC-MD COWS (Challenges, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths), Practical steps to encourage the formation of a learning community at TEC.
DSCF9739Mike Wall – Executive Director of All Nations Christian College and his wife Ruth Wall- Tutor and en route Programme Leader at All Nations       




Group discussions


DSCF9765Lunch at Hawassa Central Hotel


DSCF9779DSCF9781Group pictures


DSCF9784Ato Tamrat Tadele, TEC Principal saying his appreciation and thanks to Ruth and Mike Wall.

DSCF9790DSCF9794Gift from TEC-MD for the couple.

DSCF9795Traditional clothes

TEC-MD Enrollment

This academic year (2014/15) Missiology department enrolled 193 students out of which 18 are female. according to their level 34 students are in Bible School (advanced certificate) in one class, 77 diploma students in three classes, and 82 BTh students in four classes including the night program.

The classes began on September 16, 2014 and are being run well.

This academic year, not only the number of students but also the number of instructors is increased. In January 2 instructors (1 MA and 1 BTh holders) were employed, and this academic year, in August, 3 instructors (1 MA and 2 BTh holders) were employed. The number of instructors: 8 regular national (5 Masters and 3 First Degree), 3 regular expatriate (Masters), 2 guests expatriate (Master and First Degree), 8 part-time national, and 2 regular national on study.

Comparing with 2008/9 academic year when the Diploma program began, shows an amazing growth in the Missiology department. At that time, there were 61 students in Diploma I and 2nd year Bible School, while the number of instructors was 9 (3 regular national, 4 expatriates who left the school at the  end of the academic year, and 2 part-time national).

DSCF9975Christian Mogensen, guest instructor from Denmark, teaching in Degree IIIDSCF9971DSCF9973DSCF9965Galgalo Karre, dean of the department, teaching in Diploma IIIDSCF9963DSCF9962Zenabu Mekonnen, instructor, teaching in Diploma IDSCF9960DSCF9956Temelsen Tomas, instructor, teaching in Bible Scool IIDSCF9958

DSCF9966 Sishamush Ayalew, instructor, is on preparation for the class

DSCF0032Sishamush is teaching in 2nd year Bible school

DSCF9950Hans Christian, aparentiship instructor from Denmark, teaching in diploma IIDSCF9949

DSCF9944Degree II students in class

DSCF0076DSCF0079Degree I students in classDSCF9970Degree I students with their reading mentors DSCF9968DSCF9969

TEC-MD Devotions

TEC-MD community has started their devotions at due time. we come together three times per week at 9:55-10:40. Mondays are prayer days on which we pray on different prayer items. Wednesdays are for expository preaching. This year Wednesdays’  expository preachings are on Ephesians through the Year. The theme of the year is “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3). On Fridays we have different programs like songs (by choir, individuals, and also classical ones from Song Book), literature and drama, preaching, testimonies, and field reports.

DSCF9810Teachers and students are praying on selected prayer items.DSCF9809DSCF9808DSCF9806MD Teachers and Students are praying as they used to do on Mondays.

On Friday October 24, 2014 TEC-MD Choir had their choir dress blessed.

DSCF9979DSCF9991Reverend Alemayehu Akililu, one of TEC-MD students led the choir dress blessing program.DSC02309DSCF0025The choir praising the LORDDSCF0022DSCF0019DSCF0018DSC02379After the program.
DSC02378DSC02398The choir with volunteers from Denmark who are leading reading programms to help the students in their english speaking and reading skilsDSC02401DSC02316DSC02356DSC02340DSC02361DSC02363DSC02374

Every school day morning, students have 15 minutes devotion before the class begins in their classes.

DSCF0074 DSCF0075Degree I students on morning devotion service.

Semester’s prayer Day

This Semester’s prayer day was on Wednesday October 15, 2014. As usual the prayer was held on the Mount Tabor. The main prayer item was the mission work while there were other prayer items such as praying for the whole work and community of the College, and some sick peoples mentioned from the group and outside the group including someone from America. We committed our concerns and worries unto God and asked him for guidance help throughout the year.

DSCF9835DSCF9841DSCF9843DSCF9852Hans Christian is preachingDSCF9856DSCF9860DSCF9868

The New Buildings

This academic year Tabor evangelical College is building meeting hall and cafeteria. The work of the hall was started in 2012/13 academic year and now is on its final.

DSCF9875The hall pictured from Tabor Mountain
DSCF9888The new cafteriaDSCF9893DSCF9894The hall from the front side

DSCF9901DSCF9902DSCF9906DSCF9904The hall from the back side.

DSCF0040 DSCF0041

TEC- Students’ cafeteria is started this academic year and on good progress.DSCF9819DSCF9812DSCF9890DSCF9899Christian Lund Pedersen, one of the instructors at TEC-MD visited the new cafteria

DSCF0037 DSCF0038

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