Community day at TEC MD

Community day was celebrated at TEC MD. Different Program occurred 0n this day. All students of Mission department celebrate together and had nice fellowship.


Students celebrating Community Day

DSCF0192Worship band, Led by Ashegre from Degree I and Tseganesh from Diploma II class:DSCF0186Drama and literature presented by Drama and literature Committee on the topic of balancing studies and prayer:

DSCF0196Panel discussion

Four panelists discussed on the issue of Homosexuality, historical, and consequense and its iffects on believers life; Tamirat Tadele (pricipal of the college.), Mr Gelgelo Kare (Accademic dean of Mission department) , Mr. Getachewu Gelebo (Instructor in TEC Mission Dpartment) and Rev. Sheferawu ( pastor of Tabor Congregation) well discussed the issue, and different question from students on the topic.

Mr Tsega’ab Bekele Preached the Word of God about Mission to the world:


Speech of TEC principal. Mr Tamirat Tadele encouraged the students to go ahead on mission work and their further studies.



Report by diploma II graduation class representative Mr. Aychilu and Andinet about mission trip to Omo area. they reported every situation of the mission events.

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