TEC Grade 12 Students Celebrated the Working Day

TEC Grade 12 students celebrated working day in the compound

TEC Grade 12 students celebrated the working day as a reminder of school as a training center, an institute that lays a foundation for their future life and prepares them for the professions that are waiting them. They do believe that all professions have equal value and respect though there are areas of interests. Therefore they are acted as professionals who are on job.

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Lidia Bekele is a Natural Science student. She acted as a teacher, because she is very proud of the profession. In her future career, she wants to be a medical doctor. She said, “Acting (as) a worker gives us some interesting memory to put in mind in the school with co-students and it also gives us satisfaction being as another person.”


 Fitsum Abebe is also a Natural Science student. On the working day, he acted as a medical doctor, because it is his interest and he wants to continue with this profession after completion his studies. About the working day, he said, “It creates some sort of memory in the school.”

2014-03-21 04.53.26 DSC041022014-03-21 04.50.26

 Betel Adamu, too, is a Natural Science student. On the working day she acted as a surgical doctor which is her interest to be in the future. She said, “It’s really funny that many of my friends look like a real professionals. It leaves some good memories in the future.” Fekadu Yosef is also another Natural Science student. He acted as a medical doctor. He wanted this profession to leave a good memory on the day and has a great vision of becoming a medical doctor in the future. About the working day, he said, “Every work/  profession/ is equally acted upon by my co-students. It implies that every work/ individual/ is treated equally due to whatever his work. Respecting work have a big value.”

Mebratu Kana, Social Science student worked as a painter on the day. He wanted to show that every profession has equal values. But, he wants to be a philosopher (doctor) in his future career. concerning the working day, he said, “It is one of the best bays of my life. Because it is a part of school life” where you remember the  necessity of various professions for the world in general, and Ethiopia in particular.


Kidist Hailu and Selam Dana are also Social Science students. On the working day, they acted as Hair Dressers. They chose this profession as one of the professions that can be an income generator. When they will join university, they want to study Economics or Business Management. About the working day, they said, “It is very interesting and enjoyable day of our life. We see ourselves in different professions.”


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2014-03-21 05.08.38 2014-03-21 04.56.46 DSC04116 DSC04101 DSC04087 DSC04083

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