Strengthening the relationships with the Synods and Bible Schools in the south

TEC Dean Ato Galgalo with Qes Mude Bati Wabu Batu Synod president and Rev. Mulugeta Shewarega, Evangelism Director. and Sr. Jannet Pedersen Bible School director Ato Temelsin Thomas

TEC is serving the southern synods of EECMY by educating church leaders and evangelists for the congregations. The principal, Ato Tamrat, the Dean Ato Galgalo and other staff has visited the synods to strengthen the partnership. Where possible, TEC has also met with the local bible schools to support their work. This is very important for TEC, to be able to serve the synods in the best way possible. Below you can see pictures from some of the meetings.

Former classes at Dodola Bible School

Bible School Hagere Selam

TEC Principal Ato Tamrat, TEC Dean Ato Galgalo, TEC students and Director for Hagere Selam Bible School Rev. Tefera and the district leader Rev. Demise.

Banse students

Students at Bansa Bible School

The meetings were very useful and will help prepare future cooperation. TEC is looking forward to serve the synods and strengthen the partnership in the future! 

TEC is following up the partnership with the synods and will conduct a short term mission course from the 14th – 17 of January. All synods have been invited to participate and discuss further partnership.

Viser IMG_4096.JPG

In Arba Minch and South West Synod. From left: Teketel Forsido, Galgalo Karre, Feleke Gebre Giorgis, Tamrat Tadele and Zenebe Negash

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1 Response to Strengthening the relationships with the Synods and Bible Schools in the south

  1. Zekarias Chetto (Board Member) says:

    Things going well. This is good base and stand for better future.Each and every Synods owning this TEC,Staffs of TEC, Partnerships from abroad and inland,and concerning one requested to support TEC by Idea,Knowledge and others. I appreciate this good relation with the Synods and the Bible School of TEC. Keep it Up! Do the Best for better and smooth relationship with Synods.
    Stay Blessed,
    Zekarias Ch.

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