TEC is building!

More students are coming to study at TEC. There are not enough classrooms and dormitories! TEC wants to receive more students, and educate more ministers for the church, – so then we need to build! Above you see the progress on the different buildings. 

This expansion is possible due to support from NLM, Fusa congregation, and the use of the College’s own fund. But there is a bold move, and we would like to ask friends of the College to contribute towards the future development of the College as a Center for Quality Education, Theology and Mission in Ethiopia.

From all over the world you can support Tabor through the following account in Hawassa Branch of The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 10000 67 753 732                    Swift Code: CBETETAA.

This fall the compound of TEC is busy with construction work, and the activity is high. The Bible School students are looking forward to the new dormitory is finished, as they are still sleeping on mattresses in the classroom..!

In addition, TEC is also building a Meeting Hall with support from NLM / DELK. This will be a great improvement for the College, and it will be used for devotions, meetings, and also for income-generating activities. The building will also be used in the teaching-learning process.

The High School needs more room for their science laboratories, and above you can see that building being constructed.

In TEC five-year strategy, the plan is to accept more students every year up to a total of 500  students  from 2017.  – So in the near future we will need to build more buildings to accommodate even a higher number of students.

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