News from TEC High School and Preparatory

TEC student wins competition!

All the 11 Preparatory Schools in Hawassa were invited to participate in a competition regarding federalism and the constitution of Ethiopia. Each school sent students from 11th and 12th grade to compete in answering questions.

Mishame Bekele from Tabor got a score of 4.8 out of 5 and won the competition!


Mishame Bekele (second from the left)from Tabor won the competition and could take home the prize of 1000 ETB. Here you see her together with her supporters: (from left:)Ali Ahmed, teacher Kassu Deboch, Jadu Ashreka, Lidiya Bekele and Emebet Bajale

The supporters also contributed by sharing ideas before the competition. They could also answer questions that the participants could not answer. All participants and supporters received a copy of the constitution.

“My supporters are funny” says Mishame.            On their side they were trying to give her moral support in the competition. Together they learned a lot about their city Hawassa, and the way Ethiopia is governed. Another aspect of this competition is that the students got to meet other students from Preparatory  Schools in Hawassa.

“Tie Day” and “Color Day” at TEC

The 12th graders at TEC celebrate Tie Day and Color Day! Below you can see pictures from the fun days and celebrations.

TEC HP Tie day 2013 w/ Director

2013-11-29 15.34.31

2013-11-29 15.35.49

Friendship match in Basket ball between TEC and SOS school

IMG_20061105_110753 IMG_20061105_105516 IMG_20061105_104033 IMG_20061105_104015

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One Response to News from TEC High School and Preparatory

  1. Galgalo says:

    This good news for TEC high H & P. It is blessing to have a brave girl in TEC. Mishame, good for you!

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