TEC is supporting students and mission outreach in Yabello area

TEC is supporting students and mission outreach in Yabello area

Dean of Mission Department Ato Galgalo Karre and Board Member Qes Dawit Yohannes were invited to conduct trainings at two events in Yabello. They are both from Borana and were very happy to take part in these two events. You can read more below. 

Training in Yabello

Sustainable Church Growth

Yabello town congregation of EECMY hosted a training workshop for outreach evangelists and elders from more than 30 congregations and outreach areas in Borana. Most of the congregations are started by Yabello town congregation and this training is one way the church are serving and strengthening the continued growth of the church in this area.

Ato Galgalo wrote his master thesis at Luther Seminary (US) on missional leadership and sustainable church growth. His research was based on the experiences of the Yabello town congregation. From this research he could share useful insights with the participants as they focused on subjects like “Church leadership” and “Evaluating Church Growth”.

Galgalo Karre

Galgalo Karre worshipping in his “Mother Church” in Yabello


“Yabello town congregation is my spiritual home, so I was delighted to take part in this training for sustained church growth” – Galgalo Karre, Dean of TEC Mission Department.


Qes Dawit has experience from being a parish leader in Yabello, and from Tabor congregation in Hawassa. He has also done research on church growth, – so together the two had solid and relevant input for the participants!

Qes Dawit

Qes Dawit has extensive experience as a minister and teacher

Qes Dawit wrote his master thesis at NLA (Norway) on factors sustaining the growth of local congregations in EECMY. You can find his thesis here: Qes Dawit Master Thesis (PDF)

Serving Faithfully

150 + University and High School students from different churches came together for fellowship, training and worship. The Borana Campus Spiritual Movement organized this conference for the students who will be civil servants for Ethiopia in the future. The training focused on how God is working with and through a new generation of followers. The students were challenged to follow the Lord and to serve faithfully. Ethiopia needs civil servants that serve their country faithfully.

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1 Response to TEC is supporting students and mission outreach in Yabello area

  1. Galgalo says:

    Yabello town congregation has been center for the evangelism work for Borana area. The charismatic revival in early 90 ies was a remarkable event that poured out revival not only in Yabello and its surrounding, but also in the surrounding districts.

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