Partners from Norway visit TEC

Norwegian partners visiting TaborOn the west coast of Norway, there is a congregation in the Church of Norway called “Fusa” that support Tabor through prayer and financial support. Below you can see how they gather for worship, one of their church buildings and some of the landscape in Fusa.

They have planned to come to visit for a long time, and now they came together other friends of Ethiopia. Osvald Hindenes and Reidun Yri who has been working in Ethiopia and Tabor College previously as missionaries for Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM).IMG_6848.jpg 20.jpg

They visited TEC Compound and got information about our work and plans. It was inspiring to meet partners from abroad!

They joined in the devotional program of the school and also gave the College a symbolic cheque  of 10.000 NOK which is about 30.000 ETB. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation for your support and look forward to further partnership!

The College received a symbolic check

TEC received a symbolic check of 30.000 ETB from our partners from Norway, Fusa congregation. From left you can see Adm manager Harald Geir Sæther, TEC Principal Ato Tamrat, Mrs Kristi Rydland, Mrs Synnøve Samnøy and Rev Roar Strømme.

Fusa på andakt

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1 Response to Partners from Norway visit TEC

  1. Galgalo says:

    These missionaries have toiled for God’s mission when they were young. They are still active in the mission, I am happy that they see the fruit. The church flourishing and TEC also growing.
    It is God’s goodness,

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