TEC Mission Students gives training in Omorate


The 2013 Diploma graduating class had a vision to see well equipped, inspired and visionary indigenous missionaries locally and globally. As missiology students they believe that there should be integrity between the theoretical teaching in the class and the practical field mission work among unreached areas. In their first trip to Omorate they spent a week preaching the Good news and relating the courses from the class with the real situation outside in the field work.  The courses like Anthropology and Cross Cultural Communication helped them to manage the hardships. In this trip more than 3000 Dassanech people heard the gospel. Here you can read more from that trip.  While they were working among Omorate people they recognized that it is not enough to stay there a week and coming back without continual follow up. The class decided to send back voluntary students who will train the native youths and follow up the new believers.


Abyot Sagoya and Qes Shwangizaw Teferi decided to go back to Omorate. In the follow-up program 29 native youths who are high school students were trained in Omorate, and 25 in Turmi, for two weeks. The students were motivated and inspired by the training they had and decided to follow up new believers and spread the Good News. Below you can read comments from participants and instructors at the training.

  Students comment


“We did not know these kinds of training that makes us more focused on the biblical mission work and disciple life. Now we better understood the necessity of mission work and the urgency of spreading the gospel. We need the same training in the future and we hope TEC can take this in consideration. We believe that God will reach and change our people through us. We are ready to see a changed Dassanech by near future!”

The outreach coordinator Laqo Lalasha’s comment

“I have been working for the last 15 years as an outreach coordinator around Omorate but I never seen such kind of training which awakened me and refreshed my vision as a coordinator, now I am refreshed, restored and no fade up anymore. Please we need your continual follow up! It is my prayer to see a native evangelist for Dasanach and I hope through this training God will put the burden in these native youths”


Qes Shawangiza


“I have been giving much training in different places on different issues but none of them were as satisfactory as in Omorate. It was the right focus that God wants us to take it serious.”

Abyot Sagoya

“Through giving this training I have changed my mind from Pulpit oriented to Mission oriented. I saw how God is happy when the lost people are reached by the Good News rather than singing and celebrating a long time in furnished buildings with big and latest sound systems. The church should be visionary and missionary to accomplish the great commission. I believe that this is not the final job in Omorate but it is a good start to build a strong mission work together with TEC.

Let us pray for Dassanech!”

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1 Response to TEC Mission Students gives training in Omorate

  1. Abyot sgoya says:

    I really believe that this is the right time to see the harvest of souls in the work of God’s kingdom! Let us keep praying.

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