TEC takes part in the National Colloquium on Theological Education in EECMY


Teachers and leaders from Theological Seminaries in EECMY came together in Addis to discuss how the seminaries can contribute towards reaching the goals of the EECMY five-year plan. The General Secretary of EECMY, Rev. Doctor Behanu attended the meeting.

Background of the National Colloquium

The Diploma Program in Theology has been decentralized in order to make it possible to educate a much higher number of students than the Seminary in Addis Ababa can do alone.  Additional benefits like moving the education closer to the congregations and possible financial savings were also reasons behind this decentralization. In order to keep the unity of the EECMY Seminaries the establishment of a body that brings all the seminaries together was necessary. This body is “The National Colloquium” (NC).


The purpose of the National Colloquium is to bring together the Mekane Yesus Seminary and all regional seminaries and theological colleges to improve the academic standard of EECMY seminaries and develop curriculum, evaluate courses and textsbooks and upgrade the teachers capacity.

In June 2013 teachers and faculty from the Regional Seminaries and the “Mother Seminary” came togheter to share experiences and to discuss challenges in the future. How to work in  line with the five year strategy plan was the focus of discussions at this years National Colloquium held at Mekane Yesu Seminary in Addis Abeba.

Here you can read the five year plan of Tabor Evangelical College: TEC Strategy PlanIMG_4388IMG_4385

The plans for further upgrading of teachers and the decentralization of the Bachelor Degree Program is seen as one important step to multiply theological education in EECMY even more. This is one way the seminaries will work together with other church units to achieve the goals of the Church as it is stated in the five year plan.

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