Exiting Mission Trip to Omorate

The graduating class, Diploma 3, just came back from an exiting mission trip to Omerate. They had the opportunity to share the good news with the Dassanech people, and came back praising the Lord for a safe journey that saw many people turning to the Lord.

DSCF2517Diploma III on tour!

The graduating students explain more:

“We went because we got a burden for sharing the gospel with other poeple, while we received training at TEC. It developed during the years of study at TEC, and it became our vision. 

After we got this vision, we planned how to reach the Dassanech people. We discussed how to raise funds. All 22 students decided to put apart one month of food allowance, and even went back to their congregation to raise funds. The school community also supported us. 

We made contact with the Mekane Yesus Outreach coordinator in Omorate. His name is Lago. He helped us in all things. He did a great job for us! In collaboration with the local believers, especially hostel students in Omorate, we were able to reach many people with the gospel! ” 

Dassanech peopleDSC01049The EECMY church in OmorateOn the Omo riverDSCF2518DSCF2613Dassanech homeImage0237

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1 Response to Exiting Mission Trip to Omorate

  1. zachandclem says:

    Wow!!! Good job, may God watch over all of you.

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